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Hi, dear friends

I’m Loy from Your World of Building Blocks, thanks for your trust and support, these days LEJI has published it’s sub-brand MJ which mainly do the MOC set. And this week we got it’s first set 13002 Ice Castle, from the box it looks pretty cool, so I built it with daughter and did a review for it to share it’s performance. Hope you like this review and know about MJ.

1, Package and parts

The package looks pretty good quality, and it has a outside box to protect the original box. So the original box is well protected from factory.

From the backside of the box, you can see some details about the set, it incl lights and some function design, and 2 cute figures ( actually it also incl other minifigures, but as some reason, they are not shown on the box )


 It has a 2 inner box, box 1# has the bricks bags no 1 ( 2 bags with no 1 ) and no 2, manual, Box 2# has the bricks bags no 3, 4, 5. The stickers are in the manual, it’s well protected. ( I think LEJI should already realized the stickers protect issue appeared in A Wing, as it’s stickers is packaged with bricks together, so sometimes it’s damaged )

The instruction is well printed, quality is very good, each steps were showed bricks needed clearly, and not too many bricks in one time. I think this design is suitable for the new players and not too hard to build.

2, Section I

When I started to build section 1, I realized it’s not numbered bags, it’s totally 9 bags, but not all bags with numbers on it. The bags no 1, 3, 4 are not printed. Bag 2 is minifigures, bag 8 is for the light parts.

The building process is good, no missing bricks and bricks quality is good, but may be as it’s MOC set, so the build steps are not perfect as lxgo’s, still have optimize space. Overall, it’s ok, as the section 1 is the base for the castle, not hard to build.


3, Section II

Section II totally 6 bricks bags, some of them are no number printed, but it’s no affected, open all and start to build.

Here is a place I highly recommend friends to strenghth it by yourself, in the desgin, there isn’t support, but if without it, the building on the upper side is really very hard to install, so I use 5pcs 1x2 bricks to support it and works great. You can see the ones in photos.

Some page instrucrions is a little mistake did’t shows where it buid the brick, but it’s easy to guess, like below. Then section 2 is completed

4, Section III

Section III totally 4 bricks bags, they are mainly for the first floor’s wall and other parts. If your base built well in secion I and II, it’ll be easy to build.

5, Section IV

Section IV totally 6 bricks bags, all process is ok, and some small place need to optimized by use spare bricks in the set. Overall, it’s no difficult in this step.

In step 218, I added 2 pink brick ( in set’s spare bricks ) to make them in same level to build the 2x2 plate.

6, Section V

Section V totally 7 bricks bags, the last step is for the back side of the ice castle and the Snow monster, very easy to build.

Here is the ice castle’s photos completed.

 7, Section VI

Section VI we mainly build the minifigures and lights. This set is totally 4 minifigures and Olaf, my set unfortunately missing a hand for Kristoff. The lights totally 12pcs, 2 red, 2 green, 2 orange, 2 white, 2 blue and 2 flash ones. 

8, Defect

The set’s most difficult place is the base, if you don’t use some spare bricks to support it, it’ll be very hard to build later step. Other process is ok.

9, Summary

Over all, this set in my view is pretty good, the score from my view as below:

1) Structural design: 8/10

2) Bricks quality: 9/10

3) Appearance: 9/10

4) Playability: 9.5/10

5) Difficulty: 5/10  

The set’s structural design still has place to improvement, some steps’ design make the building process is strange, make bricks connection isn't stable. The bricks quality is pretty good, as MJ ( LEJI ) use SY’s moulds to produce bricks, so it’s not big difference between them and gobricks. The set’s appearance and playability is pretty good, actually my daughter like it very much and build it with me together, very happy family time. 

This set isn’t very difficult, the most hard place I think should be the base and first lever as it’s not perfect design. The upside parts are very easy to build. That’s why I give it 5 of 10, it totally cost me about 8~9 hours to complete it with my daughter 😊

Hope you like my review !! It's very suitable for family time :)

Here is the link for it from Your World of Building Blocks, if you or your family members like it, just order it :)


Your World of Building Blocks

15th Aug 2021