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Dear friends

Now we have 2 websites: Yourwobb and Joytoy World, each of them had been opened the rewards points system. So when you make orders or follow facebook, etc, you can earn rewards points and use them to exchange some discount code same as before.

And the rewards points can be shared across all our websites, so if you want to transfer the rewards points from Joytoy World to Yourwobb, just pls email us ( ), here is the sample.

Full name: XXXXX

Yourwobb account: XXXXXX

Joytoy World account: XXXXX

I want to transfer XXX rewards points from Joytoy World to Yourwobb


Although we don't limit the minimum amount for transfer the rewards points, but for reduce workload, hope friends don't ask us to transfer them often, hope you can understand :)

Best Regards
Your World of Building Blocks

Joytoy World

24th Oct 2021