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Ladies and gentleman,

Good evening, first, thank you so much for your recommend and support these days, and we will try our best to supply the best service for you. Below is what we want to show you, hope it will be helpful for you to make a decision :)

1. Foreword

Today is very interesting, when we chat in our reddit discord community, manager asked me whether I know the performance and difference for LEPIN and LELE Bugatti, so I try to search it in China Tieba and found ALEX make a detail comparison review for them, then I translated it and post in our Blog, hope friends will like it and get some useful information :)

2. Appearance

From the appearance, we can see the box's photos are different.

3. Wheel hub

Left is LEPIN and right is LELE, both of them are looks same as lego, but if you see carefully, the blue color for LELE is deeper, and LEPIN's print of them is better. LELE's wheel has a little scratch.

4. Seal Bags

Left 7 bags are LEPIN and right 4 are LELE's. Both of them are separate bags, difference is the same bricks, LEPIN use 7 bags but LELE use 4 bags, hard to say which is better, just depend on your view. But in my view, I like LELE's seal bags, looks better quality.

5. New Bricks

Left is LEPIN's and right is LELE's. they looks a little bit different, but as author doesn't have a lego Bugatti, so don't know which one is right, if someone know it, pls leave a message for us, thanks :)

6. Technic Parts

Left is LEPIN's and right is LELE's.  LeLe brick's surface is smooth and flat, Lepin's brick is a little bit shrink.

But when author build LELE's set, found there are some black pins are old, looks like used, and these old pins will let it more hard to build the set.

These long hole parts, author said LELE use new model like CaDa bricks ( don't know whether it's true ) to produce, so their surface is smooth than LEPIN's and more shiny.Left is LEPIN's and right is LELE's.

7. Step 1st


It's really hard to insert the cross axle, after author changed lego or lepin's axle, found it's hole's issue, so he replaced it, and suggest if you don't have spare parts, can make the hole bigger :)

Step 1st completed, all process is smooth except the issue mentioned above. The 2 red shaft is a little bit tighten in 2nd photo, and LELE doesn't has a stoper in 3rd photo's bricks, and some friends suggest to put paper in it as a stoper :)


The orange bricks is so tighten, and the cardan shaft need to be assembly, that's may be the reason for LEPIN has more bricks than other brand :)

Lepin's step 1st completed, author said it's so comfortable to build it except the orange and cardan shaft, he almost can't believe it :)

3) Comparison

It's easy to bulid step 1st for lepin, but the bricks quality, LELE is better, more smooth and shiny.

8. Step 2nd


Step 2nd is mainly for the gears and transmission system, author didn't adjust it well, when shift gears, a little bit block.

But in my view, even LEGO sets is hard to adjust the gear transmission well.


The lepin's white shaft in author's view, had been bend foe many years, I don't notice it, is it true?

It's comfortable in building process except that white shaft. Although author said LEPIN's shaft motion is better than LELE, I can't agree, as both of them need to be adjusted carefully, even LEGO.

9. Step 3rd, Engine

Both of them are works good, comfortable in the building process, and the bricks quality, LELE is better :)

10. Step 4th

LELE just has 4 bags, and LEPIN has 8 bags.


LELE's rack is little bit bend, and step 4th is a middle level, no good, no bad.


It's so hard to bulild lepin 4th step, bend white shaft, orange pins are tighten, etc. Author use some lego bricks to replace them.

And these 2 black parts are also very hard to combination, Author use a grater to modify it then can put connect them :(

Here is a white long cross shaft is so hard to through them.

In author's view, it's really so hard to built step 4, and looks like all bricks are produced by different machine, the shaft and hole's size are different, some are loose and some are tighten, if he didn't use some tools, may be can't completed it.

So step 4th, LELE win, as lepin's step 4 is so hard to completed.

11. Step 5th


LELE's step 5th completed, except the 2 yellow round bricks are a litttle bit loose, others are good, the blue bricks looks beautiful :)


Before begin to build step 5th for lepin, author is a little flurry, like MESSI several days before :)

And the LEPIN's issue is same as step 4th, and found one white shaft is straight, that means lepin also use old bricks and news together, sadly :(

 3) Comparison

Left is LEPIN, right is LELE, from here, looks LELE is better, but no one knows who will win before the end of the game.

12. Step 6th

LELE's performance is also a good, LEPIN's issue is still as step 4th,5th.

13. Step 7th

 1) LELE

Here instructions are wrong, in instructions bricks are black, but actual is grey. And the eyebrow bricks are in a separate bag.

LELE's step 7th completed, good hand feeling and bricks quality, but as some bricks are put in one bags, so some has scratch on the surface.


LEPIN's step 7th completed, middle level hand feeling, but the strange is some bricks are shiny and some are matte. Don't know why.


14. Step 8th

 1) LELE

LELE's Step 8th completed, but in this step, some bricks's quality is not as good as before, some are different color, some are bend

LELE's wheels looks good, the rope had been fixed in the brick, but the bag's brick is different color.


LELE's Bugatti finally completed, and except the a little bad quality bricks and some ones are different color, others are almost all looks good, transmission is a little block but may be didn't adjusted well :)


LEPIN's Bugatti completed, it can't said the process is good or not, but in the detail check, author find the reason for difficult built is as the hole's size is different, some are big and some are small. So sad :(  and also has a little color different between blue bricks.

15. Final Comparison

1) Building Process: LELE WIN, LEPIN's hole bricks has some issue, some hole are different size.

2) Appearance: LELE WIN, all LELE's bricks are shiny surface, but LEPIN's bricks some are shiny, some are matte.

3) Color different: Draw, as both of them has color different, author doesn't have original one,so don't know which one is better.

4) Gear system: LEPIN WIN, from the author's work, looks like lepin's is better in transmission.


Loy's view

That's all author's review, In my opinion, as we all know, lepin's technic series' quality is always middle level, not too bad, also not very good, that's the reason why we like DECOOL Porsche, hope next batch, lepin can improve their quality and also hope Decool can publish Bugatti soon.

That's all, hope friends like our work and support our store, if some friends want LELE's Bugatti, pls leave me a message, same price as LEPIN, and our LEPIN's link is below, don't forget to use discount code, you know what it is :)



 LEPIN 20086B




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