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DIY LED Light Up Kit For Ninja City Lepin 06060 Review

 Sakura Xiaoxue CK in the world of building blocks
Translated by Your World of Building Blocks


Hello everyone! The lamp set of this Vonado introduced earlier has finally arrived! 

Ok, start the evaluation right away!


This is a complete set of lights for the  Lepin 06060 or lego 70620 Ninja City.

There are a total of 46 light strips...

Since the  Vonado is the foundry of the well-known brand , the quality of the lamp group is absolutely guaranteed.

This double-sided pad is a bit thick and will cause some difficulty when installed.

After nearly three hours of installation, the beautiful Ninja City finally appeared!


 Detail image

Lights were added to each room, and the details in the room immediately became apparent.

The combination of Cyberpunk and lights has an indescribable appeal!


The dark light emitted by the plum blossoms seems to see the flowers!

The top including the puffer fish decoration can also shine!

The " washing machine top light is flashing and not taken.

to sum up

Because of the top design of Ninja City itself, the addition of the light group is simply more powerful. This static building plus lights is a perfect match!

Because the lamp set is modular, the installation process is relatively simple, and the whole set of Ninja City lights only need a set of power supply is praise!



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