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  CK in the world of building blocks


Hello everyone! Today, let's take a look at a set of new and difficult pieces, the McLaren P1. This set is a large-scale technology set designed by foreign mocer. It has a cool appearance. Friends who like super-running are believed to be waiting for it. Ok, let's evaluate it right away!

Box photo

The box has the same specifications as Porsche Bugatti.

It feels like Bugatti after opening the box~

Instruction manual

Compared with other moc works, this manual has made a lot of progress.However, there will still be an angle that does not see where the specific location of the part is. If it is a newcomer to technology, it will be very difficult to assemble.

Assembly process

This set has a total of 10 steps to subcontract, also arranged in the order of the inner box number.

Subcontracting 2 has already felt quite complicated when it is completed...

The engine design is different from Lego, but it is also very smooth!

All the chassis are basically completed here, but still can't understand how the various agencies operate...

 Start assembling externally.

The door is also finished!

Ok, after the final step is done, you're done.

Finished multi-faceted photo

The shell design can be kept streamlined, great!

I personally feel a bit strange at the rear, especially with the use of grain decoration.

Details section

The front cover part and the box photo are a little different, and the object is better.

When the front cover is opened, there are two sets of gears. The horizontal one is to control the door, and the vertical one is to adjust the height of the car.

There are beautiful prints on the side of the car.

The rear wing controls the lift through the gear set behind the driver's seat.

Part of the demo that can be opened~

It has been studied for a long time that the tailgate does not occur how to connect with the body.

Can only be taken directly :)

The group inside can't find the place to start.

Please tell us which friend knows


Similar to the size of Bugatti


Compared with the super running series~

This ratio is just right for the Woody!

Look at his cool look...

to sum up

The finished product design is great! It is not easy to make this streamlined body.However, the assembly process is not easy. The display angle of the manual is often unclear. Some parts seem to have fewer errors and need to be adjusted. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have patience when assembling. Newcomers should pay more attention to each step. no problem.

Most of the performance of the parts is good, but the harder to fight places, such as just using the tight parts, will be quite difficult.

Finally, it is a pity that there is no official function demonstration map, and I can only explore it by myself.



Thanks for friends support, below is it's link:



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    Where I can find the manual pdf for Lepin Technician Porsche Bugatti? thanks.

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    Your English is terrible…

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