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WINNER 5091 City Train Series Steam Train

 Sakura Xiao xue, CK in the world of building blocks today  

Hello everyone!

Today, I will see the new urban train series of WINNER, this time bringing a steam train. let’s see how it works!

Box photo

The base map does not seem to match the steam train... especially the street sign on the left... 

The back is dominated by minimalist design.


Instruction manual

The back is a series of persuasion maps.


WINNER is the visible progress! The sticker of the train series has made significant progress in the design of the pattern. Although the sticker material has not changed, the cutting has become very accurate, and the forming color has become normal. 


Parts package

I believe that everyone has become accustomed to the lack of step-by-step subcontracting? 


International practice, first look at people~

The design of the minifigures is still on the "singular" route. Apart from the normal train drivers on the left, the others are very personal... 

I really don't know where to vomit.


Finished multi-faceted photo

The quality of the disc prints is very good! However, because the part bite is a bit tight, the direction cannot be adjusted. (In fact, it’s because I’m too lazy, I didn’t get it...) 

Details section

The locomotive has a clear hierarchy and a very good structure! 

There is a large gap between the front and rear wheels at the bottom and it feels less coordinated. 

The cab roof is easy to remove and easy to play.

Cargo truck

In addition to roast chicken, all accessories can be placed in the box.

dining car(?)

Quite a nice design.

There are lights on the top.

Of course, it is also easy to disassemble!

The steam train has such a rare theme, of course, it should be placed in a piece of nice photo :)

to sum up

In this unique train series, this steam train is my personal favorite. Of course, because of the uniqueness of such subjects, it accounts for a large proportion!

It is a pity that the supporting people are really weird. They can only silently seal them up...

In addition, the big leap forward of the sticker is also mentioned in the text, and the current state is quite good!


Thanks for your support, here is the link:



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