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New Store Cool Toys Club

New Store Cool Toys Club

Loy Chen |

Cool Toys Club 

Thank you for your long-term support!

 With the development of our 2nd store, Joytoy World, there are more and more types of products. Many cool products are hard to find on it, and due to the limited system of shopify, payment methods and currencies are not very convenient.

 So these days we created a new store Cool Toys Club mainly sell action figures, models, transformers etc, and hope to improve the product structure of these websites and optimize the payment method, here is the link for it:

 And then we’ll do some adjustment in Joytoy World and Cool Toys Club.

 1. Product Migration

We’ll move all Joytoy products, models, action figures, transformers products from Joytoy World to Cool Toys Club before this Sunday ( 11th July 2022 ) . All orders placed in Joytoy World is no affected.

 2. Website optimization

We’ll add more plastics bricks, wooden bricks sets etc on Joytoy World and improve the website structure, make it more easy to search the products on it.

 3. Rewards Points System

Now the rewards points of our three stores' point system can be shared, friends can contact us via email to transfer points between our three sites.

 Our 3 websites:

Service Email:


The last but not least, we’ll do more optimization for our webites in the future, and hope friends can support Cool Toys Club as YWOBB, JOYTOY World, on the other hand, if friends like some china brand products, just pls suggest us and we’ll think about to add them on the websites.

 Wish you healthy and have a nice day.


Best Regards
Your World of Building Blocks
Cool Toys Club

7th July 7, 2022