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Guide for Order Gobricks Loose Bricks-V1.0


1, Order from Your World of Building Blocks

As Your World of Building Blocks are Gobricks’ official retailer, so customers can order the gobricks loose bricks from YWOBB directly, the loose bricks’ link as below:

Note: YWOBB will ship the gobricks loose bricks with the set ( any set on YWOBB ) together as the price for gobricks loose bricks on YWOBB not contain the shipping cost, so hope customers understand.

And YWOBB will add more loose bricks on the shelf batch by batch.


2, Use Your World of Building Blocks’ purchase agent

YWOBB can help you order the gobricks’ loose bricks and ship them to you. The guide as below:

Step 1:

Login in gobricks website’s toolkit, download the sample, or download it from the link which shared by YWOBB directly.

Gobricks toolkit URL:

Or you can download the sample from YWOBB’s share directly from below:

Note: Although Gobricks website can use the csv file from rebrickable, but there may be some small issue in the sheet, so recommend to use gobricks sample directly.

Step 2:

Choose the bricks you want from gobricks and add them to the sample to complete the sheet.

Or you can download the bricks list from rebrickable to get the sheet.

Step 3:

Upload the sheet to gobricks to check whether the bricks are all instock.

Note: As gobricks’inventory is easy to sold out, so may be you can check it in differet time.

If some bricks are not instock, just pls remove them from the sheet, and then download the finial verison sheet and send it ( all bricks are instock ) to YWOBB’s service email: and tell us your full name, country, then we can check the price for these loose bricks incl shipping cost.

After you confirm the price, we’ll send you a paypal invoice and after you paid it, we’ll order them and ship loose bricks to you and tell you tracking number.

Note: As gobricks not ship the bricks quickly and the service isn’t very good, so just pls be patient, when they arrived we’ll ship them at once.


Hope it can supply friends some help, if need any help, just pls contact Loy.

Your World of Building Blocks

2nd Nov 2020