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Your World of Building Blocks Rewards

Your World of Building Blocks Rewards

Loy Chen |

Hi, ladies and gentlemen,

Good news ! 

Consider of all the support from friends, it's so happy to tell you, our newest rewards system ( v 9.14 ) had been put into use, it mainly contain 2 parts now :)

1、Ways to earn

Some friends may had noticed, in the our store's website's bottom right,  there is a treasure, if you click it and login in, you can see your rewards account, here shows the rewards points from YWOBB. And nowdays, there are 4 ways to earn, and will be add more methods in the future :)

1) Signup get 200 points

2) Share on Facebook get 50 points

3) Share on Twitter get 50 points

4) Place an order get 1 point /  1 USD


2、Ways to spend

Now we just released discount coupon for friends to change by points then can use to lower the cost, they are useful for all order, all brand sets in our store, no min purchase limited. But only can use one discount coupon for one order, so pls try the benefit discount plan you own :)

1)  N Discount $2 off, cost 200 points

2) R Discount $5 off, cost 500 points

3) SR Discount $10 off, cost 1000 points

4) SSR Discount $20 off, cost 2000 points

5) UR Discount $50 off, cost 5000 points



1) Highly recommend friends to register in our store, it'll be easy to get points.

2) We will add more functions in the future.

3) If you find points rewards different issued, pls contact our service or seller.

4) YWOBB reserve all the right for the final explanation


Your World of Building Blocks

14th, Sep