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Ladies and gentleman,

Good evening, as so long time no new train set published, so coincidence when I found a friend post a review for GBL 98220 DF11Z-0001B Train in Tieba, I decided to share it to the friends, hope you will like it, from the review, it looks a very interesting and cool set, very suitable for family play.

BTW, GBL is just another name of KAZI 

1. Overview

GBL 98220's original box looks beautifu, and it has 2 box in it.

It contain motor, battery box ( without battery, customer need to prepare 6 pcs AAA batteries), LED lights, and a screw dirver for open the battery box :)

Here are the real DF trains' photo, do you feel it looks like it?

2. Some Parts


It's separately bags, and looks better than lepin's

Some important parts, a screw driver, and axle's quality is better than lepin's, actually lepin is really not good at technic series :)

Loy: Oh, it isn't a giraffe, so sad, I like giraffe :)

2. Start Step 1st

A very detail instructions, and no stickers, all printed parts !!! awesome !!!

Loy: Any one know this logo? may be friends from USA and Europe Country heard many times from us, it's a logo copy from SFexpress, here it use a SP to replace, SFexpress is the best logistics in China, one of my best love company in the world, next time, if I have time, let me tell you, why so many china people like SFexpress :)

Transparent parts is so beautiful, and storm trooper is just a guest player :)

SFexpress transport car, you can see it everywhere in china, it's so cool, and you almost can't get this car model other place :)

3. Step 2nd


Except the separate bags, there're still some complement bags

The interior of the train

It has 2 doors in front and end of the train.

4. Printed parts

Loy: all printed parts, no stickers, I like KAZI :)

5. Top of the train

Here author use his own lithium battery to replace it

6. Minifigures

Totally 5 minifigures

One of train staff has white gloves :)

7. Summarize

1) Support original design, support KAZI, rich accessories contain battery box, motor, LED lights, many tracks.

2) Hand feeling is a little bit tight, hard,

3) When it runs at the highest speed, easy to go off the track :)


That's all, thank you for your reading, hope friends like this review and support our store, below is this set's link, wish you have a nice day :)






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