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Review for GBL 98220 DF11Z-0001B Train by "No" translated by Your World of Building Blocks

Review for GBL 98220 DF11Z-0001B Train by "No" translated by Your World of Building Blocks

Loy Chen |

Ladies and gentleman,

Good evening, as so long time no new train set published, so coincidence when I found a friend post a review for GBL 98220 DF11Z-0001B Train in Tieba, I decided to share it to the friends, hope you will like it, from the review, it looks a very interesting and cool set, very suitable for family play.

BTW, GBL is just another name of KAZI 

1. Overview

GBL 98220's original box looks beautifu, and it has 2 box in it.

It contain motor, battery box ( without battery, customer need to prepare 6 pcs AAA batteries), LED lights, and a screw dirver for open the battery box :)

Here are the real DF trains' photo, do you feel it looks like it?

2. Some Parts


It's separately bags, and looks better than lepin's

Some important parts, a screw driver, and axle's quality is better than lepin's, actually lepin is really not good at technic series :)

Loy: Oh, it isn't a giraffe, so sad, I like giraffe :)

2. Start Step 1st

A very detail instructions, and no stickers, all printed parts !!! awesome !!!

Loy: Any one know this logo? may be friends from USA and Europe Country heard many times from us, it's a logo copy from SFexpress, here it use a SP to replace, SFexpress is the best logistics in China, one of my best love company in the world, next time, if I have time, let me tell you, why so many china people like SFexpress :)

Transparent parts is so beautiful, and storm trooper is just a guest player :)

SFexpress transport car, you can see it everywhere in china, it's so cool, and you almost can't get this car model other place :)

3. Step 2nd


Except the separate bags, there're still some complement bags

The interior of the train

It has 2 doors in front and end of the train.

4. Printed parts

Loy: all printed parts, no stickers, I like KAZI :)

5. Top of the train

Here author use his own lithium battery to replace it

6. Minifigures

Totally 5 minifigures

One of train staff has white gloves :)

7. Summarize

1) Support original design, support KAZI, rich accessories contain battery box, motor, LED lights, many tracks.

2) Hand feeling is a little bit tight, hard,

3) When it runs at the highest speed, easy to go off the track :)


That's all, thank you for your reading, hope friends like this review and support our store, below is this set's link, wish you have a nice day :)





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Hazel McCoy,

Hello, a few days ago I received this model train (GBL 98220 DF11Z-0001B), everything was well packed and everything looked very good, but it did not come with the assembly instructions manual. Is there any possibility that you can help me with this matter? maybe a digital copy of the manual would be nice or some other solution. I would appreciate it very much if you could help me. Blessings and good day.

Nicolas Isla,

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