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Ladies and gentleman,

Good evening, it's just a coincidence when I found a friend said it's hard to get reviews for XINGBAO XB-03012 Red Monster Truck, so I also tried in google and can't find any useful review for it. As in my remember, it had been published more than half year and has get much good review ( it's very popular in our wish store ), so there should be some reviews for it. Finally I get a detail review from China Tieba, and translated it to share to the friends who interested in it here, it's a really very cool set to be in your collection and I promised you will like it.

1, Overview

The Red Monster's original model is from Peterbilt Heavy Truck, and be very famous in Transformer, Optimus Prime :)

Open the box, it's designed by Jordan MOC expert Firas Munir Abu-Jaber. He had designed several cool car sets before.

Stickers are very simple, in TF fans, it called " Fire Emblem " ( here may be not a very precise translation) , instructions is 78 pages, set is middle size and not difficult, totally in 35 separately bags.

2, Step 1th

1th Step has 8 bags, so easy to open them all and build then according to the instructions.

It' very easy to build and construction is firm.

Here are some electroplating parts looks beautiful, shiny :)

Instructions don't show how many holes in the parts, and you need to see them carefully.

Other process is very easy to build, fructification is firm, don't worry about broken.

Very good design, and easy to buld it with detail instructions, compared with lepin 21045, looks much bigger :) 

3, Step 2nd

Step 2nd mainly for the head and the bottom of the truck, totally 5 bags.

Instructions is much detailed, and shows where to build small bricks by arrows, good idea! 

The electroplating parts contain chimney, oil tank.

Step 2nd completed, very easy to build with the instructions :)

4, Step 3rd

Step 3rd is mainly for the upper half part, contain 5 bags.

2 doors for the truck, can build it together.

Assembly them together, and some details for the truck head.

The space for the cab looks small, but can put a minifigure in it :)

The top of truck, looks beautiful :)

5, Step 4th

Wowwww, so many electroplating parts, shiny :)

Much detailed truck head, most of them are electroplating parts, awesome !

The air-inlet grid make my eye blind :)

Here is a UR brick

The front for the truck, Red Monster !

Combination with the main body, awesome ! when you open the cover for the engine, so much details :)

6, Step 5th

Step 5 has 4 bags, so many electroplating parts again ( author don't know how to describe them )

The wheels

The protective guard, shiny!

Some details for the truck head, awesome :)

Step 5 completed, 90% for Monster.

7, Step 6th

Step 6th mainly for the rest room and the spare parts

8, Finally

Add stickers, completed !


1) Design: very good design by MOC expert. 

2) Instructions: much detail instructions, easy to build

3) Brick's quality: good, so many electroplating parts, only the upper of chimney is a little bit to build





Thank you for your reading our blog, from our store's feedback, this Xingbao 03012 is a very good set, and much popular in our wish store, so don't worry about it's quality and performance.

Here is it's link from our store, it's on sale, and if you use discount code, you know what it is :) , it must be the lowest price in the world, hope friends can support us :)










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