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Ladies and gentleman,

Good evening, I'm Loy, sorry for these days we are so busy and no time to share some new set's reviews for friends, but as I promised before, I translated the GBL 98220's brother 98219 DF5-1391 train' reviews wrote by " No "  to you, and hope friends will like it, btw, it's really a cool set for train fans and suitable for family time :)

BTW, GBL is just another name of KAZI 

1. Overview

GBL 98219's name is DF5-1391, designed and tested in 1974, produced in 1985, mainly worked in Marshalling station. 

The bricks are sealed in numbered bags and has a small tools bag same as 98220 contain screwdriver, axles and rubble bands.

So interesting is why always one different skin color minifigure in GBL sets? ( left 3rd ), the designer og GBL must be the fans of beyond band:)

2. Building process for trailer

The rubber tires are pretty good, not hard or too soft. And all bricks are printed and no stickers :)

The transparent bricks isn't packaged in a single bag, so unfortunately, one of the author's transparent brick is scratched.

The truck completed, looks cool :)

The detail of the trailer, with fire extinguisher, tanks and one coil :)

The oil tank trailer is really awesome, use big bricks to construct :)

Don't know what it is, looks like a small trailer, who know it ?

3. Building process for DF5 1391

Train body ( this battery box is Lepin's, GBL's battery box use AAA battery ), and still some small bricks left.

This is the interior details for train motor, I've also never seen it before :)

All bricks are printed, much good quality :)

Train completed, nice set ! and pls forget the storm trooper in the corner :

4. Big Crane

The crans's big support and rope.

The details of operation room, and the seat can rotate in it :)

Panoramic for Crane, pretty good :)

5. Final Completed

 6. Summrize

1) Support original design, support KAZI, rich accessories contain battery box, motor, LED lights, many tracks.

2) Hand feeling is a little bit tight, hard,


That's all, thank you for your reading, hope friends like this review and support our store, below is this set's link, wish you have a nice weekend :)



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