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Hi, ladies and gentlemen,

As notice some friends are discussing with the Xingbao Living House XB-01402, so I translated and repasted a detail review wrote by 林克 to you, hope you will have a intuitive feeling of this sets.

1, Original box's appearance

As usually we don't ship the sets with original box, so forget it, and If friends really want the original box to send as a gift, pls contact me :)

2,  XB-01402-A, Painter

1) It has been separated into 2 steps, and the key point is the Minifigures' hand had improved, can move in 360 degree (see the photos below) , so whether you like this improvement?

2) The blackish green in instructions shows like black, and almost no surplus parts, bricks quality is not too bad, but as the bricks is 1X1, so a little tired in building process.

3,  XB-01402-B, Scientist

1) Transparency parts are looks beautiful :)

2) The passage in the room are small, and microscope is a little bit bigger, others are good design :)

4,  XB-01402-C, Musician

1) Looks interesting after completed, piano is a lightspot, but as 2 minifigures in the room, looks a little bit crowd.

5,  XB-01402-D, Doctor

1) A operation room scene with many details , 4 minifigures !

6,  XB-01402-E, Astronomer

1) So interesting, is astronomer is equal to spaceman? forget it, good design, but not all parts are settled in the room, after completed, looks good :)

7,  XB-01402-F, Racer

1) Printed parts are good quality, the car looks beautiful but not fastening, white and black linear parts's quality are not as good as others.

8,  Group photo

9,  Summarize

1) Missing parts, only 1 common use part missing, no a problem.

2) Hand feeling, with separated bags and easy to find parts, a little difficult in build Minifigures, some colors are hard to identify in instructions, and some steps need to think about, process should be from inside to outside.

3) Brick quality, most parts are good contain transparency parts, all printed parts no stickers. But white and black linear parts's quality are not as good as others.

4) Design, interior design very good, but some parts are too crowd, and still have some place can be improved.


Thank you for your read, below is the set's link in our store, hope friends will like this review and support us, we promised best service and 100% satisfaction, of course, don't forget use discount :)



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