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Dear friend,

First, thank you very much for Efferman design this MOC set and Runninute08, other friends in Reddit Discord introduce it to us, it's a really very cool set especially with Millennium Falcon, both our team like it very much and decide to introduce it to all friends all over the world. So for 100% satisfaction, I decide to built it by myself, see how's the performance, below is just my opinion, sorry for poor photographer :)

1) All our sets are prepared in plastic bags by our wholesaler, looks good, and brick's brand is Lepin or Decool.

2) Through we supply the colorful instructions but I really recommend friend to use a IPAD to see the PDF instruction ( can download from rebrickable for free or ask us ), it'll be more clear and easy for you to check whether the brick is right or not.

3) The procedure for it is not difficult, and only what I want to remind friends is you'd better checked bricks position is right then do the next, as if you make a mistake and didn't find it on time, it'll be very difficult to find it and amend it later.

4) I found a small issue in the instruction in the instructions and will amend it in the next version. But this time, it makes my work a little bit defect.

5) After all finished, it looks much cool, but as I haven't Falcon in my home, so may be next time, I need to built one :)

6) Summary, it's a very cool set, no bricks missed or damaged, good process, and after built it, I just want to get a Millennium Falcon.

Here is this set's link on our online store, on sale now, hope friends will like it :)




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