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Hello everyone! Recently, in addition to McLaren, there is another small super-running market, which is the Porsche 919 Hybrid. What is the performance? Go out of the box immediately~

Box photo

Extremely simple seal... This is definitely a performance with great confidence in the content!


Familiar white inner box.

Instruction manual

The steps are fairly clear. Note that there is a correction page, and there are 2 parts that have been modified.

Assembly process

A total of 10 subcontracts, the process is still smooth...

The third sub-package has only one pack of parts...

The steering wheel should pay attention to the direction and adjust the gear if necessary.

There is a tragedy here! One of the shock absorbers was accidentally broken by me.

Since there are no spare parts on hand, it can only be hardened...

After forming around, it finally formed!

The rear design is good.

Ok, the last one!

Finished multi-faceted photo

The body was a bit awkward because of a broken shock absorber...


The headlights feel good. The front cover of the car cannot be picked up.

The soft shaft performs well.

The rear wheels are equally good.

The side panels made details.

Since the door is not much different from the door, the driver's seat can only be shot this way.

The engine is hidden inside, and like the front cover, there is no part in the tail that can be lifted.

The rear design is very nice!

In terms of size, it is close to 50 (length) x 22 (width) cm.

Putting a square head aside doesn't feel like the car will be huge.

to sum up

The whole is a good set of products. Compared with McLaren, it is much simpler, but there are still cases where the labeling angle in the manual is unfriendly and cannot be seen clearly. Therefore, you must pay attention to the assembly, especially the direction to be clear.

The linkage part is very smooth, but I don’t understand the shifting part. I only know that it can move.


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