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Lepin 16055 Express Train

 Sakura snow CK in the world of blocks,
Translated: Your World of Building Blocks


Hello everyone! Today's review is the Express train.


Box photo


Original information


Listing Date: 2018 Nian

Number of parts: 801

Price: 79.99USD




Instruction manual

There are a total of steps to subcontract.



Still in the old place, the printing quality is good.


Assembly process


The inventor did not know why it was put in the 5th step subcontracting...


After the car is assembled, it will be completed.



International practice, first look at people ~

The main character is three silly

More disappointing is that the hair of two of them has been replaced.


Double-sided expression restoration.


Remus Lupin and Trolley Witch




Dining car and luggage cart, as well as Scabbers .


 Nine and three-quarters of the station at King's Cross Station

The design is very good, but unfortunately the original version of the rails are saved...


The pillars leading to nine and three-quarters of the platform in the original.


 Hogwarts Express Train


The locomotive was redesigned and performed times better than the old one !


The front prints have not changed the number.


The prints performed very well!


Gold spray on the roof.


The proportion of fuel cars has become better. The sticker is a bit of a color difference.


Cabin performance.


From this point of view, everyone can be satisfied with the clarity of transparent parts?


 to sum up

A good set of basic restores , just found that people have hair replacement.

The appearance of the parts can also be seen in the above picture, and the biteness has not been found to be too tight.


The more pleasant surprise is the printing, in addition to the perfect restoration, the quality is still very good!



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